The key to long-term achievement for  RMBA Architects (est.1976 as RMBELL & Associates) is our ability to provide our clients with industry-best customer service. We treat every client as though they are the reason  RMBA Architects has thrived – because they are! We respond to our clients’ needs with a sense of professional urgency and creative problem-solving. From our excellent client services to our successful comprehensive and affordable solutions, you will find us prepared to be an essential part of your team. Through our work we have represented a number of the finest builders and developers, as well as leading municipalities in the Four Corner Region of Southwest Colorado, and are accurately defined by our ability to understand and meet our clients’ needs.

Our architectural design firm uniquely qualified and positioned to provide creative, innovative and practical services in:

  • Urban Planning & Policy Development
  • Land Planning
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Urban Design
  • Environmental Planning & Analysis
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Public Involvement
  • Construction Management,
  • Program Management Services
  • Geographic Information Services

Our Services


“RMBA Architect’s mission is to help clients build better neighborhoods, better communities, and better cities.” -R.M.Bell

All successful projects must start with proven architect and land planning principles that are incorporated throughout the duration of the design process. The foundation of our firm’s philosophy is to achieve the highest quality result for the client.  Not only do we meet, but we exceed the client’s expectations and goals while consistently implementing good design judgment.  We feel each project should begin with utilizing attested architecture and planning philosophies in innovative ways in concert with our technical abilities to interface seamlessly with engineering requirements.

Meet The People


“An Integrated Approach – From the earliest conceptual stages, both planning and architecture must be intertwined and complimentary of each other. For a village to succeed, the negative space or open space, must be deemed equally important to the postive space buildings and elements that exist within.”

The foundation for any design is built well before a pen is uncapped or a keyboard is touched. At the onset of every project, we look to the land for guidance, regional resources and to the local culture for inspiration. As a premier Southwest Colorado firm, we have taken this philosophy and applied it to every project that we started and completed through this beautiful region. From Mesas, to river fronts and mountain sides building sites, we have always ensured their beauty and natural features are always showcase. Our goal is to create a place that is enduring and that is in harmony with its surroundings.

Our Portfolio

For a more comprehensive list of completed projects or to setup an appointment to talk to one of our team members, please contact us.

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