building-codesSince 1978, RMBA-Architects has been providing  Plan Review, Buidling Code Compliance and Inspectional Services by serving clients in the architectural and construction industry. Our in-house registered architect and code consultant extraordinaire possess’s years of experience in building code interpretation.

Our clients range from private individuals working on their own single family homes to some of the largest commercial and residential developments. We have also assisted with some of Durango, Colorado hotels, restaurants and retail clients.

RMBA Architects will provide you with reliable, comprehensive advice as it pertains to current building code complaince and related architectural issues.

Building Code Analysis

Anticipating and correcting code violations for safety, efficiency & accuracy RMBA code consultant has the comprehensive knowledge and expertise that extends beyond the building code itself.  This allows us to anticipate corrections based on the City of Durango or the La Plata County code requirements and to provide practical solutions based on code interpretations and recent precedents.  Our building code analysis is about anticipating and correcting code violations for safety efficiency & accuracy prior to municipality approval.

Building Code Analysis Services

  • Identifying the applicable codes, regulations and standards based on project location.
  • Establishing occupancy, construction type, height/area limits property-line distances, egress and interior and environmental requirements.
  • Providing interpretations and applying for variances and exceptions to regulatory provisions in the code.
  • Communicating with local officials and preparing required reports
  • Conducting follow-up meetings with the appropriate departments for variance requests

Fire and Life Safety Code Analysis Services

  • Reviewing NFPA and Fire Codes using NFPA -101 Life and Safety Codes including:
  • Fire Alarm Systems and Automatic Fire
  • Alternative Protection Systems
  • Emergency Systems
  • Elevator Installation

Accessibility Code Analysis Services – Commercial and Residential

  • Reviewing commercial code compliance using IBC 2006
  • Reviewing Healthcare Facilities using _________________
  • Reviewing residential code compliance using IRC 2006

Conflict Resolution

Comprehensive solutions for resolving your code conflicts, variances and code compliance needs.

RMBA Architects is an excellent resource for code conflict solutions.  As a third party reviewer, our experience in working with the City of Durango, La Plata County and Durango Fire & Rescue Authority will prove invaluable in reducing your project’s time in acquiring the municipal approvals.  Our professional consultant is well versed with building industry technical aspects and standards of care for pertinent issues.

Code Interpretation, Variances & Code Conflict Resolution

  • Reviewing code-related requirements regarding the issue in question and available compliance methods
  • Reviewing findings and soliciting municipality feedback
  • Preparing application requests for Committee or Board review
  • Presenting petition to appropriate authority
  • Clarifying any outstanding client issues

If you are considering any alterations, renovations or new construction in Colorado, La Plata County and the City of Durango, contact our team first to discuss how we can best assist in expediting your project.



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