firstnationalbank_bayfield3RMBA Architects knows that financial institutions have unique design requirements. With over 30 years experience, our design staff  creates dynamic facilities to attract your target market through well-integrated retail, interior, and architectural design. Our unique spaces create high-visibility areas to showcase the financial institution’s available products and services as well as incorporate the brand message throughout the facility.



Our team of talented architects, creative interior designers and veteran construction experts have a wealth of knowledge in numerous areas, which ensure your project will be done right every time. The cumulative years of experience at our company give us financial institution architecture expertise like no other in the field of design build. The architecture of our financial institutions elevates the image of each company, while contributing to the civic pride of the surrounding community. The building interiors support various banking functions for employees and provide an inspiring and comfortable atmosphere for clientele and visitors.

Once all decisions on function, design and interiors have been made and associated costs approved, we start actual planning for construction.

RMBA Architects’ specialists gives you many advantages:

  1. RMBA Architects have over 30 years combined experience in designing financial institutions.
  2. Our engineers’ experience and constant research identify optimal mechanical and electrical systems for your financial facility. We understand mechanical systems and how poor ventilation and static electricity affect your employees and the sensitive equipment that run your financial facility.
  3. We are data processing and bank equipment specialists, and innovators in data communications, telecommunications, cabling, security equipment, and specialized bank equipment.
  4. We understand how lighting affects a facility’s mechanical systems, and how the two together influence total electricity costs and employee productivity. We conduct energy audits, and recommend state-of-the-art lighting systems that greatly reduce energy costs and maintenance expense, as well as pollution, eye strain, and fatigue. Typically, investments in better lighting pay for themselves in just a few years, while providing long-term cost savings and an improved working environment.

We invite you to review our web portfolio of our financial institutions projects.  For a more comprehensive list of completed projects or to setup an appointment to talk to one of our team members, please contact us.


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